About Old Oaks


About Old Oaks

The Old Oaks Association is the alumni and supporter community of Somerset College. The association consists of alumni, staff, past parents and friends of Somerset College and has been created for a very simple reason; to promote fellowship and to keep everyone connected to the school.

Vision & Mission

As one of the custodians of the College ethos, the Old Oaks Association serves to guide and nurture Somerset College. As a young school, Somerset College needs custodians to plant the seeds of what will become its heritage so that it can grow into an institution that reflects the noble intentions of the founding parents and students. One day we hope that our members will become benefactors; by sharing their time and skills we believe that the Old Oaks will contribute to the health and prosperity of the school.

We want Old Oaks to be proud ambassadors of the College. This is our school and the Old Oaks have a vital role to play in keeping the College a special place filled with opportunity, friendship and love.

We encourage Old Oaks to return and visit the College. To keep up with our growing community, we ask that you login to our Old Oaks Alumnet database which will give you access to a number of features.

Committee Members



RORY Atkinson


Robyn Humphreys


Heine Matthee

jacques nel

Nicholas Persse

Demi Rawstorne

Michael Taberer


If you are interested in joining the committee, please email alumni@somcol.co.za

Please visit our giving back section to find out how you can help.

Please email alumni@somcol.co.za. We welcome more than one rep per year so anyone is able to volunteer.

Please follow this link to login to the Alumnet portal.