The Old Oaks

Alumni and supporter community of Somerset College

Promoting fellowship
and connection

The Old Oaks Association, as one of the custodians of the College ethos, serves to give important guidance to Somerset College.

The Old Oaks Association is the alumni and supporter community of Somerset College and consists of alumni, past parents, and friends of the College. The Old Oaks Association has been created for a very simple reason – to promote fellowship and to keep everyone connected to the school.

Community is at our core

We want Old Oaks to be proud ambassadors of the College. This is our school and the Old Oaks have a vital role to play in keeping the College a special place filled with opportunity, friendship, and love.

We encourage Old Oaks to return and visit the College. To keep up with our growing community, we ask that you login to our Old Oaks Alumnet database which will give you access to a number of features.




Class of 2009

michael taberer

Class of 2002

Robyn Humphreys

Class of 2005

Giving Back

Find out how you can give back to the community and the school through Old Oaks.

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