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Ferndale 4x4 Routes

Famed for it's 4x4 routes, Ferndale has been rated in the top five in South Africa for 2009 and offers 4 routes with grading between 3 and 5. From a scenic, easy drive to one where diff-lock is essential, Ferndale has drives to suit all preferences and abilities.

Not only are there 4x4 routes, but micro lighting, bird watching (with over 130 species on the farm including Cape Vultures, Fish and Martial Eagles, but game viewing, bass and yellow fish on a catch and release system and horse riding. Mountain biking, quad biking, clay pigeon shooting are also available and numerous caves with san paintings are to be found in the valley and along the krantzes.

Horseback Riding

A horseback ride through the breathtaking Amathole mountains and Hogsback forests is an experience to be treasured for a lifetime, and with a range of tailor-made outrides, you'll find the perfect experience to suit you at Amathole Horse Trails. Choose from easy or more challenging rides, and take trails through countryside, forests, mountains or the quaint village of Hogsback.

The horsemen and women at Amathole believe in natural horsemanship, forming trust partnerships with their horses, resulting in friendly, well-trained and easy-to-ride mounts. Enjoy a ride during the day, at sunrise, or under the full moon, incorporating a picnic on the mountain, or swimming with the horses, or enjoy a breakfast or lunch feast at one of the local restaurants in Hogsback before heading back on your steed. Every ride can be personalised, so remember to choose your dream experience, and Amathole will make it happen.

Amathole have full public liability insurance and offer helmets for riders. Wearing boots with a bit of a heel is advised, as are tight-fitting pants, to avoid chafe.

Thomas River Historical Village

Thomas River, named in 1801, takes its name from an English deserter, Thomas Bentley. Part of Van Der Kemps missionary, Bentley was killed by a poison Bushman Arrow while crossing the river, thus duly named Thomas River.

The original train station, sited between the stone forts, dates from the late 1870’s with the new station coming into being in 1926. The station saw its last train in 1948 when the new line opened.

Thomas River Historical Village, reborn in 2003, has been passionately restored by Jeff and Ann Sansom to take you back to yesteryear.